Auxiliary Engine Connection Kits

Control the auxiliary engine with the existing steering system with threaded rod and two quick disconnect ball joint. Adjustable up to 24".


Maximum HP rating 25 AM-15
Quick release ball joints for trolling motors only 3/8-24 thread QD-16
Stainless steel 3/8-24 threaded rod for trolling motor connector STR-9005

AM-14 Auxiliary Engine Steering Connection Kit

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T&R Marine's auxiliary engine connection kit connects the auxiliary engine to the main engine steering system for control from the helm. It allows you to steer the auxiliary engine with the main engine either raised or lowered. The rod supplied can be cut or bent to fit your application. It can be easily connected or disconnected from inside the boat. This unit will fit most any main engine that has a push-pull cable system that uses a steering link arm. The auxiliary engine must not exceed 25 h.p. This kit is designed for a maximum speed of 5 m.p.h. The unit must be disconnected while under power of the main engine.