"Manual Plate"

Manually Adjustable Engine Jack
The T & R "Manual Plate" gives you the ability to adjust your engine down-for the best pulling power and quicker planning or up-for maximum speed. This can be done by simply turning one bolt with a wrench. Special grooved slide tracks made of UHMW wear plate material allow the adjustable engine plate to up and down freely while offering superior life. Each unit is constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum with all stainless steel fasteners. We have been providing the marine industry with quality engine jacks since 1978.

Hole Pattern Standard BIA pattern
Engine HP Bolt-on engines V-6 maximum
Height Adjustment 5 inches
Hydraulic Power Unit 2700 PSI, 12 Volts DC
Setback from transom 5 inches
Width (port to starboard) 17 1/4 inches
Height 14 1/2 inches
Weight 37 pounds

Stock #: EJ-25